The brand

SARINA PICONE is a high quality – casual clothing brand.

With the desire to find everyday wearable clothing where quality is not compromised and attention is given not only to the design and detail but also to the way the clothes are made, the brand was established in 2017 in Athens, Greece by Sarina Justine Picone.

The brand’s style radiates a sophisticated aura while remaining effortless. The clothes are very easy to dress up and dress down ideal for the busy lifestyle of the modern, dynamic young woman.

The identity

Every SARINA PICONE (SP) item of clothing has at least one pocket dart (the little triangle) which is a vintage inspired detail.  “In the early 1950s, the New York City firm of Evan-Picone pioneered the use of darts in the pockets of women’s clothing.”

The SARINA PICONE version of pocket darts are mainly used for symbolic and aesthetic purposes, on the ends of pockets and slits, made out of various materials and colours. The pocket dart detail will always be presented in cool, inventive ways.

Hays, Constance.
“Joseph Picone, 83, a Founder of Line of Women’s Clothing.”
(New York Times. June 26, 2001)

Sustainable fashion

It is a fact that the clothing industry today is one of the most polluting industries in the world. While clothing is necessary and fashion forms a great part of our lives and culture, at SARINA PICONE we believe that it is necessary to strive to attain sustainable fashion.

Looking for ways to be sustainable has been part of the SARINA PICONE creation process from the start. Having studied the impact fashion has on our planet, the people and animals inhabiting it, as well as approaches that can be taken to minimize that impact, we create with the mantra of quality over quantity.

We use high quality materials and focus only on the most wearable, timeless designs, increasing the lifespan of garments.

When sourcing fabrics, we make sure to choose the best available sustainable options without compromising quality. We try to mostly work with fabrics such as linen, viscose, Micromodal and our new favorite Tencel. SARINA PICONE products made out of Tencel come with a certificate of authenticity (tag). Last but not least, all leather used for details (such as the pocket darts) is vegan leather.


With a view to ensuring environmental-friendly practices further, every piece is locally made, in Greece, which ensures a reduced carbon footprint.

We believe that, as consumers any decision we make, such as choosing to purchase a more sustainable product, is one of the simplest ways we can contribute to creating a better future.

Our goal at SARINA PICONE is to continue to find ways to make the most environment and animal-friendly products without compromising quality while continuing to manufacture ethically and locally.